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This list is a compilation of names from the Dreux yearbooks and are students and faculty/staff that attended Dreux which we haven't located yet.  While we may have an email address on someone, I am still listing them as "address unknown" if we don't have a mailing address/telephone for them.   If anyone knows the whereabouts of anyone on this list or if you have any information at all, even an old address, please let me know (VickiK3275@aol.com)

**Note:  At the bottom of this page is the "Found, but Lost Again" list. These are people whose contact information we had at one time, but the information is no longer valid.  If you know the whereabouts of any of those listed, please email me at the address listed above!


As of 1/1/2019



Ozzie (Ozzy) Green



Butler, William Larry ‘61

Clark, Barbara ‘61

Douglass, Robert

Hedgepath, Robert ‘61

Johnson, Gary Dean ‘61 ‘62

Kennedy, Raymond

LeTourneau, Carolyn ‘61

Morris, Stephen S. ‘61

Stephenson, James L. ‘61
Tuorila, Warren David ‘61 (have email)



Bailey, Robert ‘62

Bycum, William ‘61

Davis, George ‘61’62
Felfe, Karen K. ‘61

Fowle, Bernie ‘61 

Groves, Weldon K ‘61 (have email)

Houck, Pamela ‘62
Johnson, Thomas ‘62

Kennedy, Albert ‘61

Landry, John Mark 

Miller, Alan Michael ‘62’63

Smith, Ronald

Webb, James ‘61

Wightman, Patricia Ann (have email)



Anderson, Robert Alan

Bailey, Timothy ‘62

Bayer, Timothy ‘62

Bowden, Harvey

Burns, Lawrence ‘62
Cole, George ‘61’62

Crabtree, Karen ‘61

Cutler, Phyllis ‘61’62 (have email)

De Graff, Pamela S. ‘61

Edwards, Tom ‘61

Fleming, Carol Ann

Fox, Regina ‘62’63

Fuerst, Carol Sue
Furnas, Donna '61 (have email and brother's info)

Gibson, Sandra ‘62

Hill, Michael ‘62

Johnson, Karen ‘63

Marroquin, Irma ‘61‘62’63 (have email)

Marshall, Danny ‘62

Matthews, Donna Ann

Nelson, Robert ‘62’63

Oberlin, Sandra ‘62

Parker, Phyllis ‘61

Parking, John ‘61

Prieto, David ‘62

Ritter, Donald

Smith, Jerry ‘61

Stephenson, James Edward ‘63’64

Stephenson, Pamela ‘62

Task, Harry Lee ‘61

Taylor, Jimmy ‘61

Vandeveer, David ‘62

Wagner, Barbara Lee

Weaver, Timothy ‘61

White, Katherine Faye

Whitney, Carole Ann

Williams, Carol J. ‘61

Wolf, Judith 



Adams, Donald ‘62

Arnold, William ‘64

Bates, Charles ‘62

Bell, Gail ‘64

Booty, Jan ‘62 (have email only)

Boyden, Mike ‘62’63

Calhoun, Pat ‘64

Caudill, Robert ‘63
Clark, Ronald '64
Cole, Marsha ‘62

Cook, John ‘62

Cox, Phyllis ‘62

Curtis, George ‘62

Elliot, Shirley (Kay) ‘62’64

Erickson, Lorraine ‘63 (have brother's contact info)

Ferry, Bruno Raymond 

Fraser, Gary ‘62

Gough, Robert ‘63

Harris, Michael ‘62’63

Hart, Teresa ‘64

Henderson, Nancy ‘62

Hodgman, Ricky ‘64

Holloway, Terri ‘63

Hubbard, Dave ‘64

Hudson, Rex ‘63 (have brother's contact info)

Jack, James ‘62

Jackson, Brenda ‘62’63

Johnson, Bonita ‘64 (have sister's contact info)

Kemble, Victoria ‘62

Kleinertz, Peggy ‘64

Knight, Patricia ‘62’63’64

Larkin, Michael ‘62

Lee, Frank ‘62’63

Martin, Jean Alana

McCue, Kathleen ‘62’63 (have email)

Minich (Minnich), Janet '62

Moffatt, John ‘62’63 (have email)

Montgomery, Charlotte ‘62’63

Napier, Pat ‘64

Nicholas, Robert ‘62

Nichols, Barbara ‘64 (have email)

Nichols, James ‘63

Niemela, Jay ‘63 (have email)

North, Loretta ‘62’63

O’Neill, Ron ‘64

Payne, Daisy A. (have sister's contact info)

Richardson, Christina ‘64

Schipper, William ‘62

Segerstrom, Richard ‘64

Shake, Donald ‘64

Slack, Cheryl ‘62

Smith, Lynne

Stewart, Judy "Angel" ‘62’63

Stowbridge, Robert ‘62

Stubbs, Suzanne ‘63

Teets, Roy ‘62

Thomas, Deborah ‘62

Wallace, Kenneth ‘63

Webb, Valerie ‘62’63’64 (have email)

White, Margaret ‘64

Wightman, Larry ‘63 (have sister's email)

Wilber, Barry T. ‘64 (last name may be Wilbur)

Wood, Diana Renee



Anders, John ‘63

Anderson, Linda ‘64

Babauta, Maria Camacho

Bell, Christine

Birch, Susan ‘63

Caldwell, George ‘63

Cantrell, Gary ‘63

Cowan, Richard

Crittendon, James ‘63

Egan, John ‘63

Fairbanks, Jeff ‘63’64

Gaffney, Jessica ‘63 (on Facebook)

Gonzales, Pamela ‘63

Gray, Valerie ‘63’64

Green, David ‘64

Hammond, John ‘63

Hastings, Greg ‘63’64

Holman, Gary ‘64

Hudson, Leon ‘63

Knox, James ‘64

Kozlowski, Linda

Martin, Gail ‘64

Martin, Jana ‘63’64

McBride, Robert ‘63

Nelson, Bob

Paterson, Patti ‘63
Perry, Dave '65

Robbins, Barbara ‘63

Rosado, Nilda ‘64 (have brother's contact info)

Scoville, Kathleen ‘63

Shepard, Suzanne ‘63

Siler, Brenda ‘64

Simons, Alan ‘63

Smith, Greg ‘64

Smith, Kurt ‘64

Snelgrove, Brenda ‘63

Spencer, Sherrie ‘63’64

Thornton, Patricia ‘64

Watts, Michael ‘64 (have sister's contact info)

Willard, Becky ‘64

Wilson, Sharon Louise "Sherry"

Wright, Michael ‘64



Anderson, Terry ‘64

Cashion, Ann

Clay, Linda

Collins, Donald

Courtney, Kathy ‘64

Crowley, Mike

Gardenhire, Wanda ‘64

Gerengher, David

Gonzales, Ronald

Grande, Robert ‘64

Grant, Susan ‘64

Hanon, Daun

Hart, Edward ‘64

Hubbell, Paul ‘64

Ivory, Janice

Kearns, Bonnie

Knox, Linda

Lawrenz, Mauricette

Maziliola, Linda '63

McGee, Gloria ‘64

McKinnon, Douglas

Miller, Bruce

Miller, Robert ‘63’64

Miller, Vivian ‘63’64
Mosley, Dianne

Noggle, Rebecca ‘64

North, Diana ‘64

Palmer, Donald

Pierce, John ‘64

Pomeroy, Brett ‘64

Rael, Karen ‘64

Ragel, Dale

Robertson, Robert ‘64

Sanders, James
Smith, Olga ‘64

Thompson, Janice

Tolbert, Cathy ‘64

Walker, Michael ‘64

Wallace, Michael ‘64

White, Thomas ‘64

Williams, Hal

Williams, Terry

Winter, Thomas ‘64

Zerby, Robert (have email)



Brochas, Paul

Campbell, Bruce
Chalker, Paul

Clark, Debby

Coleman, Jim

Gardner, Carol
Green, Dennis

Green, Walter

Hammond, Dorothy

Harris, Stephen

Helferty, Teresa

Knight, Greg

Lighthill, Larry (have email)
Lutz, Elizabeth M.

Martin, Butch

Martin, Connie

Martin, Grayman

Middleton, Gail

Montgomery, Ronald

Moore, Jerry

Nelson, Kristin

O'Neill, Charlotte

O'Neill, Harold

Pierce, William

Porter, Ann
Rance, Mike (have email)
Register, Peggy
Robins, Joan
Rose, Fred
Rowe, Elizabeth
Russel, Dave
Sanders, Sandra
Shields, Sandra
Smith, Linda
Stocks, Rosa
Tabares, Luis
Todd, Yolanda Mary
(have email)
Welsh, Gene
Whisler, Peter
Whitney, Gail
(have brother's info)
Zank, Dennis



Amees, Robert
Anderson, Robert
Arnold, Shirley
Barnett, John
Belmont, Greg
Busits, Agnes
Butney, Barbara
Christiano, Michael
Collins, Larry
Collins, Linda
Crews, Charlotte
D’Alfonso, Damian
Davis, Jacqueline
(have email)
DeLeo, Gary
Dooley, Pat
Felton, Bill
Finney, Jr.,  Roy 
Gilley, Larry
Grise, Alexander
Hearn, Jacqueline (have email)
Herndon, William                 
Jimenez, Hope                     
Johnson, Fred
Kilkelly, Kathleen (have sister's info)
Knight, Kathy

Lancaster, Eileen (have brother's info)
Lehmann, Christa
Mazzocco, Joseph
McLaughlin, Jeanne
Messmer, Dave
(have email)
Mills, Treasa
Morgan, Sherry
Moulton, Randy
Niedzwiecki, Joe
Ortiz, Nidia
(have brother's info)
Ortiz, Eladio (have brother's info)
Paquette, Robert
Parker, Ellen
Parker, Keith
Payne, Betty Sue
Pelletier, Tony
Posey, Pamela
Reiss, Sharon (have email)
Reiss, Stephen (have email)
Robinson, Michael
Russ, Donald
Stark, Danielle
Stewart, Diane
Stewart, Karen
Stewart, Pat
Taylor, Sheila
Turner, Sharon
Wallace, Anita
Whisler, Sandra
Wilhelm, Ralph
Wright, Ron
Wright, Steve

Class Unknown:

Ammons, James
Baldwin, Christopher
Barrett, Jo Ann
Boice, Crist
Brown, Terrance
Dunn, Bob
Hancock, John
Harte, Ed
Hodgman, Ralph
Nichols, Russel
Payne, Brenda
Powell, Bruce


Faculty/Dorm Counselors/Staff:
Benzimra, Joseph H.

Chapman, William

Cooper, Jerome
Dempsey, Richard

Hanson, Tom

Hughes, Robert G.

Knopf, Joanne

Knutson, Paul A.
Livingston, Tom

McCormick, Bernard

Piwowarek, Jeanine M.

Reason, Walter M.

Roche, Martha

Rockwell, Alice

Shier, Betty

Stamler, Susan D.

Thomine, Jeanne D.

Tindall, Carol

Townley, Sharon

Weismann, David J.

Zerbib, Denyse

FOUND, BUT NOW LOST AGAIN:  (bad mailing address)

Baber, Steve '67 *Found
Barnes, Leonard '66
Bynum, Patricia Lee (Thomas) '62 *Found
Callaghan, Thomas W. '68  *Found
Carlucci, Thomas '66 *Found
Carr, Walter '67 (LAON)
Chamberlain, Dottie
Christensen, Signe Ann '62  *Found
Cochrane, Michael E. '67 *Found
Davis, Jacqueline '69 *Found
Davis, Richard Joel '65
Dettman, Carol "Dot" (Phillips) '65  *Found
Dockstader, Robert D. '61'62'63 *Found

Finney, Jr., Roy '69

Flash, Godfrey David '65
Gallavan, Chris '66 LAON  *Found
Gleason, Soozie (Mickley) '67
Goff, Tom '65 *Found
Good, Vida (Brooks) '65
Graves, Bonnie
Greenwalt, Rick '65  *Found
Henson, Elaine (Rogers) '64 *Found
Hewitt, David W. '63 *Found
Hickey, Gail (Matthews) 
Hill, Deborah Ann (Beauclair) '68 *Found
Hudson, Robert E. '62 *Found - Deceased
Jentoft, Edward '64
Johnson, Ted (Fac/Staff) *Found
Kahler, Rose Lynn (Lockworth) '66 *Found
Kelly, Michael '67
Kohrman, David '66 *Found - Deceased
Lamar, Carol '62 *Found
Lancaster, Eileen '66 *Found

Linneman, Doug '66
McCollum, Linda Gayle (Beck) '64
Meredith, Don '68
Meredith, Lee '68
Moneypenny, Dale '67 (LAON)
Noll, David '66 *Found - Deceased
Powell, James W. '66 *Found
Radice, Robert '64 *Found
Reynolds, Jon A.- Faculty *Found
Reynolds, Michelle
Roberts, Logan '66 *Found
Roberty, Mary - Faculty/Staff *Found
Schindel-Fabiani-Alford, Margie
Slater, Linda (Keough) '65
Spence, Kimball - Faculty/Staff *Found
Stern, Daniel '68
Stern, Diane '66  *Found
Thomson, Louise (Stutzman) - Faculty *Found
Tucker, Brenda (Sparks) '63 *Found
Weatherall, Winston William '67
Wilke, Cary '66 LAON *Found - Deceased
Wimberly, Diane '61 *Found
Younie, Ralph - Fac


Note: The years indicated out beside the name indicate the years attended, but did not graduate from Dreux. If no year is out beside the name, the person graduated from Dreux and may have attended several years.

These names were compiled, for the most part, from copies of the yearbooks. If you see any errors on the report, please let me know (VickiK3275@aol.com) as there probably are some!!


This page was last updated on Tuesday, January 01, 2019